Reni Friis – Partner, Valcon

Reni Friis, Partner - Valcon

Reni has worked in the IT industry for 20 years, and has acquired experience from both a Service, Operations, as well as a the Software Development perspective. She has applied Lean principles and tools to improve work across the entire IT organization in both the public and private sector. She was behind the first international Lean IT certification, and is a member of the Content Board in the Lean IT Association. When presenting the Lean perspective in organizations, she often does so using games and exercises, to allow for reflection and debate.

Play the Lean Incident Management Game

In this workshop you will try working with Lean in an Incident/Request Fulfilment process hands-on, as we play a role-based game. We will observe and discuss Lean principles and tools as we encounter signs of them lacking or in action. You will leave the workshop with a good understanding of what Lean is in a Service Management perspective, as well as some actual approaches, which you may want to implement in your own organization when you return from the conference/workshop.