Nicolas Boutin, Theodo

Nicolas Boutin

Nicolas is a former entrepreneur and a web agile developer. After making all the mistakes launching his first startup in SME’s digital transformation, he joined Theodo to learn how to build web and mobile applications keeping customers satisfied. Symfony + APIPlatform + React is his favorite stack to develop fast and easy to maintain app. He’s still eager to start a new venture.
Together with Fabrice Bernhard, they will run the closing keynote of the conference:

Toyota VS Tesla? What lean can learn from digital natives

Tesla recent production challenges have served as a reminder to the Silicon Valley that Lean manufacturing cannot be improvised. But Tesla’s valuation, the success of the GAFAs and the speed at which they innovate should also be a reminder to Toyota and the Lean community that scale-ups are doing something right.
In this talk, we want to explore the mixing of both cultures, using the example of Theodo, a software company full of digital natives first inspired by the GAFA’s agility and then by Toyota’s Lean Strategy.
We will look in particular at our current most advanced experiment in lean coding in which we use lean to introduce self-improvement at code-level. But how we also leverage data and social networks to accelerate innovation.

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