Mirette Kangas, Chief of Lean & Agile – YLE

Mirette Kangas, Chief of Lean & Agile - YLE

Mirette is the founder of Lean-Agile Culture Accelerator at Yle, Finnish Broadcasting Company. Lean Culture in Creative Work. Focusing now on growing the scope of the cultural transformation and spread the new approach to leadership across the organization.
Previously leader in service design and project management.
Founder member of Yle Areena (Yle´s video and audio live and on-demand service, see yle.fi/areena). Background in digital media industry e.g. Sanoma (leading media company in Nordics), Nokia. Master of Arts (Media Science), University of Lapland. Amateur violinist.

Lean Culture and Leadership at Creative and Knowledge work

Yle (Finnish Broadcasting Company) is the pioneer in digital transformation and one of the leading public service media companies in Europe. We are public funded and share the experiences and knowledge we have within industries. Two years ago Yle received “The Best Lean Performance of the Year” award in Finland. What we have achieved in Lean-Agile is now one of the top benchmarks as well in Finnish corporates as in European Broadcast Union (EBU).

Currently, our Lean-Agile Culture Accelerator´s evolutionary purpose is to ensure Yle´s competitive advantage through the Lean culture adaptation in creative and knowledge work. But how do you apply lean and agile thinking in domains where there are no previous benchmarks or good practices? At my presentation, I will share the ideas and the way have made our transformation work and build the networked communities inside and outside our company.