Marta Ferreira, Founder – Böing

Marta Ferreira, Founder - Böing

Marta is the MD of Böing Management Consulting operating from Lisbon, Portugal.
15 years of experience leading operations and process improvement specialist teams locally, nationally and internationally, achieving outstanding results in a variety of sectors including: banking, insurance, retail, telecommunications, call centres, automotive assembling, automotive tier one suppliers, food processing and packaging, health, logistics, and public sector.

Impact – When Lean meets Gamification

Researches shows 70% of business transformation efforts fail due to lack of engagement. According to a recent Forbes publication, this value is even conservative. With the constant request to enable Lean cultures, Impact was born. Based on a very successful case study where a continuous improvement program was deployed in one of the major banks in Australia and published as a best practice cultural transformation programs back in 2011. The program was a link between lean deployment and gamification and was responsible for 4 years of Kaizen, with 3000+ participants globally all through a lean corporate game. Now that same corporate game hits on pocket size. If you are looking for a way to engage your business in transformation, then you have to check this out.