Ludovic de Kerpel, Security Network Architect – BNP Paribas

Ludovic de Kerpel - BNP Paribas

Ludovic works at BNP Paribas as a Security Network Architect (Proxy and WAF perimeter) after doing my apprenticeship in the company.
I like my job and I find the Lean approach very interesting, that’s the reason why I wanted to share my experience at the Lean Digital Summit.
In 2016, we decided to start Lean in order to improve and accelerate the delivery of Security solutions as we were struggling with apoor customer satisfaction and process issues.

How we increased our IT Production Service Rate from 21% to 88%

In only two years, thanks to the Lean approach (PARETO, PDCA, etc.), we dramatically improved our IT Service Rate from 21% to 92%. Along with Santhosh Santhanam, we will explain how we did it.