Kristin Aardsma, Head of Customer Support, Basecamp

Kristin Aardsma, Head of Customer Supoprt - Basecamp

Kristin Aardsma has supported customers at Basecamp since 2011, where she leads the Customer Support team of 15 amazing people. She lives in Portland, OR with her partner, two cats, and plenty of poetry.

People, Not Robots: Bringing the Humanity Back to Customer Support

It’s hard to get good help these days. The people standing in the way of good help aren’t your customer support representatives, though. Corporate culture, the bottom line, and rotten support for service roles has ruined how folks get the help they need. I’ll show you how to change your culture to one that prioritizes and values customer service and support. Then, you can transform your company into a brand that your customers view with greater trust and respect.