João Miranda, Banco BPI

João Miranda

João Miranda started his career in 2000, at the height of the dot-com bubble. That enlightening experience led him to the conclusion that agile practices are the best way to respond to the
business needs of almost all organizations. Since then he has been a vocal advocate, helping the organizations he has worked for adopt agile\lean and DevOps practices. He is currently an
engineering manager at Banco BPI and co-organizer of the DevOps Lisbon meetup.

Agile in BPI: Leading Digital Transformation

Our presentation will explain how Lean/Agile is the essential driver behind BPI’s business innovation and regulatory compliance. BPI’s IT is committed to Agile since 2010, we are doubtless the largest Agile implementation in Portugal with +90 Teams. All IT activities are aligned with sole Agile/Lean process backed by custom-made tools, allowing for continuously optimization to the end-to-end value-stream. Our Agile approach continues to improve BPI’s IT accomplished track record: 80% of new features delivered on-time, 50% of new features cycle-time <20 days and maintenance decreased to 20%.