Christopher Thompson – Director, Lean Institute Brasil

Christopher Thompson, Director- Lean Institute Brasil

Christopher Granville Thompson is a director at the Lean Institute Brasil. Has participated for 14 years in the diffusion and lean implementation in Latin America. Supporting more than 200 companies to carry out lean transformation, improving the management model and organizational culture. Working in diverse sectors such as automotive, aeronautics, construction, metallurgical, food, pharmaceutical, technology, financial, health, consumption, chemical and services. In recent years, is conducting organizations on their lean digital transformations, using the fundamental concepts and adapting the steps of the journey to the needs of each company. Master in Engineering at the Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo.

Why you need lean thinking in your digital transformation

Companies are more and more interested in so-called “digital transformations”, be it for the opportunity to optimize and innovate business models or because they fear they will fall behind their competitors or the most disruptive players in the market.
Changing customer expectations increasingly include products and service based on digital technologies, the use of mobile devices, Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, data analysis, and so on. This opens up many opportunities for organizations that have not yet been explored in their entirety.
For us to tap into the full potential of digital technologies, however, we need to integrate lean into our strategic thinking, to ensure that our digital transformations actually help us to add value and eliminate waste. Disconnected technology-based initiatives that lack a clear purpose won’t go very far.