Steve Bell, Digital Lean Strategies

Steve Bell

Steve Bell is a pioneer of Lean IT and Lean Digitization, and two-time winner of the Shingo Publication Award. He is the author of Lean IT (2011 Shingo Prize for Research and Professional Publication), Run Grow Transform, Lean Enterprise Systems, Accelerate (Shingo Publication Award, 2019) and numerous other published works. His career spans the evolution of enterprise-wide information technology, serving as a master coach bridging Lean, Agile, DevOps, and other practices to support high-performance and enterprise-wide learning.
Steve is a co-founder of Digital Lean Strategies, LLC (formerly Lean IT Strategies, LLC) and Lean4NGO (a global forum bringing the NGO/nonprofit and continuous improvement communities together for shared learning and practice). Steve, along with his partner Karen Whitley Bell, are researching and writing their next book on High Performance Learning Organizations.

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