Pierre Marchand, Swiss Life

Pierre Marchand

Can Lean help improve the Architecture Maturity of an entire organization ?
Architecture is more often recognized as an art than as a science. We will discuss how taking a fresh look at Architectural activities through a process and a “Lean” lens can yield unexpected benefits for the Architects as individuals and as a team. We will also explain how this approach can greatly improve the architectural quality of the deliverables and the architectural maturity of an Organization.

Pierre previously worked 18 years for Malakoff Mederic, a French insurance company where he had the opportunity to learn a rich set of skills from his different positions ranging from operational activities, end-users support, project management, change management and, finally a newly created Architecture team where he worked as a functional Architect for almost 6 years.
He now is Head of Enterprise & Functional Architecture since 1 year and a half at SwissLife France where he is leading, in his new manager position, a project that tackles how Lean can be applied to Architecture.