Pamela Dukes, Toyota Connected

“A GOAL should scare you a Little and excite you A LOT!” Joe Vitale

Pamela Dukes is an accomplished Olympic athlete and Stanford University alumni who has worked in the IT industry for over 25 years. Since retiring from her sport, she has continued to excel as a leader, mentor and public speaker. She currently works at Toyota Connected as an Agile Coach and Scrum Master.

While working at Toyota Connected, she made a life changing discovery in a class called, “The Harada Method”. This class introduced a new way to develop people, increase self-reliance and improve one’s happiness. As part of her awakening, she discovered a connection between her life as an elite athlete and the Scrum Framework. She also decided to become a Certified Harada Coach and Trainer and teach others how to find their goal and purpose.

As Lean practitioners, we strive to remove waste, increase innovation and operations, continuously improve and help our teams soar. Through her experiences and observations about engagement, she has come up with her own theory for why companies have trouble creating and maintaining high performing team members. Her recommendations for developing teams and increasing engagement will revolutionize your work environment. You want to hear something you have never heard before and be entertained as well? Attend her session and watch her pull back the covers and discover why people have trouble achieving goals and doing more.