Mélanie Noyel, Acta Mobilier

Mélanie Noyel, Acta Mobilier

How Lean helped our IT team take pride in their work
A year and a half ago, Melanie Noyel started the Lean transformation of Acta Mobilier IT team. She will explain what Lean changed to the day-to-day work and how the team members have become proud of their achievements.


Mélanie Noyel is Head of IT and Technology with Acta Mobilier, a kitchen and bathroom fronts manufacturer and brand space designer.

Following her Master’s degree in Complex Systems Engineering, she was integrated as a PhD student on the subject of product-controlled systems. The link with digital is omnipresent and she finds her place within the IT department until becoming information system and new technologies director. Without real training as a team manager, she is trying to organize the multidisciplinary service that intervenes from printer failures to application development.

Embarking on the company’s global Lean approach focused on manufacturing, she becomes interested in the particularities of Lean Digital and integrates Lean IT Academy under the watchful eye of Edmond Nguyen. It’s in this context that she completely reviews her team organization by focusing on aligning the team with common goals and introducing the first rituals. Quickly, the team takes their first steps on the various tools proposed by the Lean and results are felt. Other team of the company are starting to come to watch, discuss and sometimes take example, motivated by the good mood and pride displayed by the IT team.

Mélanie was born in the Vosges countryside, which made her sensitive to the benefits of nature and animals. Her doctoral career led her to work on bio-inspired algorithms and she presents her work, especially on artificial intelligence, on several scientific conferences. She intervenes for the first time, as experience sharing, on the Lean subject.