Marc Legru, Operae Partners

Marc Legru

Interactive workshop: How to grasp clients’ preferences in a digital world?

Play the role of a digital application owner and manage your business with Lean!
The workshop in 3 steps:
First you will discover what value your users expect from your product, and why it does not meet their expectations. You will practice various Lean techniques such as voice of customer, user claims analysis,…
Then, you will be asked to define and formulate the problems in a Lean way ; that means dealing with facts rather than opinions, in order to gain consensus among stake holders about what needs to be solved.
Eventually, you will practice a full PDCA cycle on a typical digital problem through a case study.

After fifteen years of experience in IT services and consulting, working with teams and top management, Marc discovered the concrete and significant benefits of Lean when he took part to an internal Lean deployment at a leading IT company. As a coach and deployment leader, he was quickly seduced by “Lean Thinking” because it delivers the values that he hold dear, such as respect for people.
He joined Operae Partners to better support teams and managers and teach them to walk the path of continuous improvement.
Given his professional background, he now coaches IT teams to help them better serve their users, and to transform their department into a real performance lever for the enterprise.
Marc has run the “Basics of Lean management” online course on UNOW online learning platform for the past 3 years.