Jesper Boeg, Agile Upgrade

Jesper Boeg,

Your Potential Is Much Bigger Than You Think – True Continuous Improvement with Toyota Kata

Have your improvements plateaued? Are Scrum Masters acting more like facilitators than active improvement drivers? Are your improvement efforts grounded in reactive problem solving and good intentions but failing to deliver true and measurable results? These questions indicate that there is a “missing link” between the improvement culture that so many Agilists want but rarely find they can execute. This presentation captures the last six years of experience working with Toyota Kata in an Agile setting, helping teams, departments, business units and organizations learn how to set ambitious and measurable improvement goals and work iteratively toward them.

Implementing Agile and Lean principles in the context of innovation and IT has been Jesper’s work and passion for more than a decade. He has great passion for continuous improvement and is constantly trying out new principles, tools and practices to find better ways of delivering great solutions and make work easier and more enjoyable for everybody. Jesper works with the entire value stream from C-level to individual team members and is equally at home mentoring the CEO and coaching the delivery team. Jesper runs his own company and regularly speaks at local meetups and Agile and Lean conferences. He is a Kanban Coaching Professional, Kanban Management Professional and Accredited Kanban Trainer from LKU and has served as trackhost on numerous GOTO and QCon conferences. Jesper is the author of “Level Up Agile with Toyota Kata” and the two popular minibooks “Real Life Scrum” and “Priming Kanban”, which can both be downloaded for free at

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