Dawie Olivier, Westpac

Dawie Olivier

Beyond the big A, the things no one tells you about Transformation Journeys

Having led through 3 journeys to adopt agility as an enterprise capability, Dawie and his teams have seen the triumphs and tribulations, with scars and lessons aplenty. Once the hype settles, what should leaders know about these journeys?

“The satisfaction of seeing a team, comprising of diverse talents and skills, pull together and unlock the value of a welldesigned strategy is one that cannot be underestimated. More so when these results are achieved through the delivery of complex, cutting edge technology solutions in support of strategic initiatives with immediate economic paybacks.”

As a CIO focussed on the future, Dawie has driven cultural and technological change across three banks on two continents, joining Westpac New Zealand in April 2015.
Leveraging the awesome combined power of Customer Experience, Strategy, Product, Marketing, Data, Digital, Architecture, Technology and Ventures to propel Westpac into the future.
Leader of large scale transformation in enterprises, creating product managed, customer-led businesses through the integration of business and technology, leading with culture and people. Builder of world-class product, digital, data and software development teams. Improvement of technology delivery efficiency across all types and styles of delivery, while maintaining the high levels of reliability and governance required in complex enterprise environments.