Christian Phan-Trong, Swiss Life

Christian Phan-Trong

Can Lean help improve the Architecture Maturity of an entire organization ?
Architecture is more often recognized as an art than as a science. We will discuss how taking a fresh look at Architectural activities through a process and a “Lean” lens can yield unexpected benefits for the Architects as individuals and as a team. We will also explain how this approach can greatly improve the architectural quality of the deliverables and the architectural maturity of an Organization.

Christian has more than 25 years experience bridging the gap between IT and Business, in companies such as IBM, Sanofi, AXA to name a few. He is currently head of the Architecture Team at Swiss Life France. Since 7 years, he has accompanied the company in its digital endeavor, has helped introduce big data & data science, Robotic Process Automation, Cloud and of course Architectural Practices.
He has a passion for pragmatically applying technology to business and recently wanted to experiment how Lean can be applied to Architecture.