Cecil Dijoux

Cecil Dijoux, Author of #Hyperlean

Management practices Vs. Management principles

There are many resources around to talk again and again about the three main pillars of companies succeeding in the digital era: customer experience ; organization agility and collaborators engagement. Thought leaders don’t really spare us with the management principles of the 21st century, including the radical one of getting rid of managers (eyes roll). However, it is much more complicated to find validated management practices, clearly and precisely described to translate these three pillars into daily management routines.

This is what this talk is all about: answering the questions managers ask themselves every day to thrive in the digital era. How to daily manage the activity so that customer experience remains at the very heart of the team concern? How to foster the right context to encourage experimentation and the development of the team agility? How to adopt the right posture to engage every one, every day in the thinking, building, checking, learning loop so that each team member can see her or his contribution to the company operational improvement and financial growth as she learns new things about her own work?

Hi, I’m Cecil (@cecildjx) and I live in Bordeaux, France. I am a lean and agile coach with 30 years international experience in digital business, change agent, dad of two digital natives, guitarist / songwriter in an indie rock band, Arsenal FC supporter and book lover (literature, philosophy, business books).

I blog at the intersection of digital and management since 2007 at thehypertextual.com and I wrote two books : #hyperlean – what the advent of digital really means (2017) and #hyperlean – pratiques de management à l’ère du numérique (2018 – French only)