Burak Ilter, Konica Minolta

Burak Ilter, Konica Minolta

A transformation journey for a complex development organization

Workplace Hub (WPH) project is a very complex project both technically and organization-wise. This talk will be about how we are transforming this complex software development project into a truly agile one. The talk will focus on metrics, processes (based on SAFe), job roles and responsibilities. We will talk about how we are changing the mindsets and behaviors using these as input and what are the results so far.

Burak has been working for Konica Minolta since January 2017. He started as an architect and moved on to the Head of Engineering role for the Workplace Hub. He is also acting as the Lean Transformation Champion, initiating and supporting the Lean Transformation in the Program, which is a major software development project with a truly worldwide team. He initiated the SAFe transformation as well as many other transformation activities in the program.

He has worked for various companies, in different positions in very complex system and software development projects and organizations before joining Konica Minolta. He worked as a software developer, architect, system engineer, head of software development and project manager.

Burak Ilter is a Turkish national, based in Germany with the Konica Minolta job role. He was born in 1971, and holds an Industrial Engineering degree. His hobbies include running, cycling, reading science fiction, watching Japanese animes.