Aymerik Bouchacourt, Head of JVWEB agency

Aymerik Bouchacourt

Aymerik is Head of JVWEB Agency, one of the top French Independent Search WebMarketing agencies. His main goal is the clients’ satisfaction, by providing the best understanding of their needs and the best quality of service from the Account Managers of the agency. Management skills and 13 years of webmarketing experience (included a retail website) are his assets to success. But Aymerik has also set up Lean Management in his team for 3 years and has a lot of feedback to give.

Since his travel to Japan to discover Lean companies, Aymerik implemented Lean practices in his Team. His first challenge was to onboard people, then to adopt Lean practices seen in the factories into his agency, a service industry. Aymerik will share his feedback and learnings about onboarding and training Team Members and then Team Leaders.