Alistair Cockburn, Heart of Agile

Alistair Cockburn

“Getting to the Heart of Agile”

Agile has become overly decorated. Let’s scrape away those decorations for a minute, and get back to the center. The Heart of Agile is a fresh look at Agile that strips away a lot of the noise that has built up over recent years. It contains just four imperatives: Collaborate, Deliver, Reflect, Improve. With these four words, we can both improve the effectiveness of any organization and also find new and interesting topics that are not in the common agile literature. Following the talk, Alistair will answer questions from the audience using the unusual form of answering with stories. They are more fun to listen to, and often more illuminating.

Dr. Alistair Cockburn is one of the creators of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development and the world’s pre-eminent expert in use cases and agile methodologies. He was voted one of the ‘The All-Time Top 150 i-Technology Heroes’ in 2007. He helped create the Declaration of Interdependence, the International Consortium for Agile, and most recently, founding the Heart of Agile. He travels the world consulting, coaching, and teaching, but in his spare time dancing, learning languages, and sitting underwater.