Abbie Howell, Theodo

Abbie Howell Theodo

Scrum vs. Lean
Scrum and Lean are often confused terms. Most companies think that they are Lean by implementing Scrum principles. At Theodo, we use daily stand-ups, Burndown Charts, Velocity to track speed, and weekly sprints from the principles of Scrum. We use daily problem solving, Kaizens, and value challenging from the Lean principles. Our “dojo” sessions allow the whole company to challenge the scrum methodology and improve it to fit each specific team.

In this session we will discuss how we took an agile team and made it fully Lean (Kanban mode) while still maintaining a high level of client trust and visibility.

Abbie is a lead web developer at Theodo UK.
While working at Theodo, Abbie has successfully started a weekly coffee morning initiative for linking up women in tech.
Before starting at Theodo in summer 2018, Abbie attained a first class degree in Computing at Imperial College London, where she learnt some of the theoretical principles behind Lean and Agile that she now implements in her job day-to-day.
Together with Hen and Kamile, Abbie will be talking about how they have used Lean practices to shift the focus from Scrum back to Lean, and from the process back to the people.