Renaud Wilsius, BISAM

Renaud Wilsius, BISAM

How Lean helped us put quality back at the heart of our Agile Process

In this session, you will learn how BISAM, the leading provider of sophisticated solutions for performance and attribution, GIPS composites management, multi-asset risk analysis, portfolio construction and reporting decided to refocus on quality after more than 10 years of disciplined Agile practices.

Renaud has been working over the last two year with his entire R&D to bring quality of BISAM’s software to a brand new level. BISAM builds Performance, Attribution & Composites Analytics applications using a mixed of Scrum methodology, eXtreme Programming and following Lean principles.

Before joining BISAM, he has worked first as a Quant at Murex, a Trading and Risk Software Provider and then as a developer & Head of R&D at Sungard on a suite of Order Management, Position Keeping and Compliance System in Asset Management. He has had the chance to work for start-ups as well as 20,000 + Employees Company in international and very distributed context.

Renaud is currently holding a position of R&D Director while remaining very close to everyday tasks at BISAM.