Claire Jolimont, PingFlow

Claire Jolimont, PingFlow

How to Succeed Using Digital Visual Management for Lean Teams

Claire Jolimont and Melanie Melot discussed how retail company IDKIDS (OKAÏDI, JACADI, OXYBUL, etc.) implemented the PingFlow digital visual management solution and the resulting benefits.

A mantra for visual management is “To see is to know”. Regardless of industry or organization type, all businesses face the challenge of obtaining clear and quick insights on live challenges and opportunities to deliver value. By assembling real time data in user-friendly visual boards, IDKIDS managers, team members and executives drive operational excellence.

Biography: Lean, agile and digital enthusiast, Claire Jolimont co-founded the startup PingFlow, specialized in digital visual management. By displaying the right information & KPIs, PingFlow enables teams to focus on their operations, meet their objectives and boost operational exellence. Working in a supply chain and IT environment, she deepened her knowledge in agile and Lean organization in various industries.

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