Steve Bell and Karen Whitley Bell

Steve Bell and Karen Whitley Bell

Applying Lean to Leverage Big Data & Accelerate Your Digital Transformation - Masterclass on Thursday 16 March

In this masterclass, Steve Bell and Karen Whitley Bell, drawing from research, case studies, and practice, will show IT and enterprise leaders and practitioners approaches to apply Lean principles and practices to utilize and improve Big Data value, and accelerate enterprise digital transformation, to:
- Better understand and engage customers
- Identify market trends and consumption patterns
- Improve enterprise performance for greater value

We’ll apply this learning through group discussions, hands-on A3 problem solving and other exercises applied to your enterprise’s current state. Discover all the details here.

Biography: Steve Bell is a pioneer and thought leader in the application of Lean principles to technology. In 2005 he published Lean Enterprise Systems, the first book on Lean IT. He has championed the convergence and collaboration across technology communities (including DevOps, Agile, Agile-at-Scale, Scrum, ITIL, ITSM, BPM, and Enterprise Architecture) through shared Lean principles and management practices in order to help enterprises simultaneously achieve operational excellence and rapid innovation. Steve is the author of three books: Run Grow Transform, Lean IT, and Lean Enterprise Systems, numerous articles, and other publications. Excerpts of his writings and many of his keynotes and interviews are available to view at Lean IT Strategies, LLC. He is a regular keynote speaker and master class facilitator at the Lean IT Summit.

Karen Whitley Bell has collaborated with Steve for more than 30 years, serving as editor and contributor of his books, articles, keynotes and other publications. In 2014 she retired from a 20 -year health care career to collaborate in all aspects of Lean IT Strategies, LLC, including coaching, capability development, transformation guidance, workshop and masterclass delivery, research, and authoring on Digitization, Big Data, and Lean practices.

Steve and Karen publish The Digital Lean Enterprise blog, where they explore ways to improve return on enterprise digitization investments and enhance the value to customers, through Lean practice - including creative ways to use Big Data capabilities to drive effective problem solving and rapid innovation.

Together they founded Lean4NGO, to spread Lean thinking to improve the quality of life for the billions of people living at the bottom of the economic pyramid. They are passionate advocates for microfinance and microenterprise, and believe that every individual on the planet can be a Lean startup.

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