Mariya Breyter, Dun & Bradstreet

Mariya Breyter, Dun & Bradstreet

Introduction to a Lean Pilot framework for solving major organizational challenges

Have you had complex organizational impediments that everyone is aware of and the company tried to resolve for several years but nothing was achieved? At Dun & Bradstreet, we decided to take a fresh look at some of these problems and ask five “why’s” to get to the root cause and once we did, we invented a new Lean IT framework, which we call Lean Pilots. I am going to share how we came up with this idea, how it got modified through multiple iterations, what the challenges were along the way, and what is the business benefit of this approach.

I will review three case studies, two that were able to resolve major business challenges and one that failed miserably, and walk the audience through the causes and the principles of this framework so that they can immediately apply it within their organizations to address the major challenges.


Biography Mariya Breyter brings 20 years of leadership experience to the Agile and Lean community. Her passion for creating high performance teams and delivering superior products to clients through efficient, lean processes had produced success after success in companies ranging from Big 4 consulting and Fortune 100 insurance and financial services firms to mid-sized educational and media businesses.
Mariya has a Ph.D in Computational Linguistics followed by a Post-Doctorate at Stanford University. She has built her career optimizing and improving software delivery and instilling Agile and Lean values at multitudes of companies while keeping the primary focus on the people within those processes. The list of Mariya’s certifications includes CSP, SPC, CSM, PMP, PMI-ACP, ITIL 3.0, Agile Facilitation, and Agile Coaching from ACI. She is a frequent presenter at Agile conferences, from Agile Games in Boston to Big Apple Scrum in New York and Agile Development Conference in Orlando, FL, and a popular blogger. Her free coaching website, , was nominated for multiple lean and agile coaching awards.
Mariya is passionate about Agile and Lean, and uses personal Kanban at home with her family.

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