Agustin Tena Leon, 365 Café

Agustin Tena Leon, 365 Café

The basics of Lean - interactive workshop

Agustin Tena Leon and Oriol Cuatrecasas will introduce the basics of Lean management through a role play. You will understand all the basic principles of Lean, see how it's a game changing. This is not an IT story but it will help you see and understand all the benefits of the Lean approach.

In this unique Learning Session, the 365 Café team will explain how they have applied Lean in a pure service environment. The Barcelona-based 365 Café is a chain of little cafés and bakeries with one production centre supporting all 78 of them. After applying Lean in the bread and pastry factory, team 365 quickly realized that it could apply the same approach to every shop.
Lean techniques have allowed the company to not only grow in a competitive market, but to beat the competition on service, quality, and price, applying such methods as pull systems, supermarket management, standardized work, A3s, and visual management of the entire supply chain.

You will learn: - How stock in shops and facilities was drastically reduced by 50 to 80% - How productivity was increased without working more - How leader standard work was implemented - How visual management in the shop was established - What the team has learned after one year into a formal hoshin process - How the unique "zero space for waste" policy works in both facilities and shops

Biography: Agustin Tena Leon is Head of Sales at 365 Café. Although his first training was in electrical engineering, he chose to leave the engineering world to focus in the mechanics of the business. While working on the family company Agus, experienced precisely the function of each area and, above all, to understand the importance of treating people well. Completely involved in the Lean change, Agus has a Master's degree on Lean Managment and a PDD at IESE Business School.