Mirette Kangas, Yle

Mirette Kangas, Yle

How we transformed our company culture to Lean-Agile - The story of the transformation of Finnish Broadcasting Company, Yle

Session Summary and Biography: Mirette Kangas (MA & MBA) is the leader of lean-agile development at Finnish Broadcasting Company (Yle). She has 20 years experience of digital services in various roles and companies.

During the past four years, she has led transformation from traditional project management to lean-agile model in all company levels at Yle, from service development to top executive team. Lean-agile transformation and new company culture is also scaled from internet to other areas and units such as traditional broadcast production and design, creative content, multiplatform and transmedia development, strategic management of key programme projects and the whole leadership culture in several units.

In autumn 2016 the lean-agile model and company culture transformation of internet management at Finnish Broadcasting Company was awarded as the Best Lean Performance of The Year by Lean Association of Finland.

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