Amy Evans

Amy Evans

Lean IT Leadership Coaching

What if we as Leaders in IT began asking the question “How would you solve the problem? By the way, what is the problem you are trying to solve; and how did you determine there is a problem?”; “What data did you use to determine that is/was the best solution for the problem you are having?”.

Most of us in IT Leadership today have attained our positions by being excellent problem solvers; however, the next generation of IT Leaders must have the capability and competency to coach individuals they support in solving problems rather than solving problems for them.

Come and hear about the journey of creating an IT Leadership Coaching Model at Nordstrom; built to coach leaders to teach teams to problem solve; creating value stream maps to understand where problems are hidden; embracing the question ‘why’ and removing themselves from the burden of solving everyone else’s problems.

Biography: Over the last six years, Amy Evans, PMP, CSM has brought Lean methods and thinking into software development bridging Lean and Agile. She has supported software development teams in their efforts to deliver more value to customers by reducing the amount of waste and rework in development and deployment processes. At Nordstrom, Amy supported a team of Lean practitioners with value stream mapping, software delivery and deployment processes. She helped them coach leaders and individual contributors and implement strategy deployment and model line thinking.

Recently, she joined The Everett Clinic as Director of the Enterprise Project Management Office. She works closely with the Lean, Strategy and IT teams to implement strategy deployment across the Clinic, coach leaders of all levels and use Lean to deliver improved quality and services to the 300,000 plus patients the Clinic serves annually.