Christophe Berbeyer
Christophe Berbeyer

SAP and Lean MindSet:
The story of a short and fast project with India

Christophe shared the story of a software development project within a traditional SAP environment where – against all odds – he and the India based team, managed to deliver the product within 6 weeks and underbudget.

More than the results of the project, what’s amazing in his story is that using SCRUM and the Lean practices, he managed to build a strong team spirit despite the complex remote context. Together with the team, they achieved stunning improvement communicating only over the phone, and training through Dojos. See how this experience changed the way he sees project management.


Christophe started his career in IT as a C developer before switching to SAP from tech guy to BI business analyst. Christophe self-educated in Lean and Agile, he then passed the Lean Management certification at Telecom ParisTech. Now Christope works as a professional coach: he applies Lean practices in SAP BI support and project management. He leads a Lean-Agile-SCRUM forum to promote Lean practices and teaches Operation and Lean at the Sorbonne Business School.