For its 7th edition, the Lean IT Summit becomes the Lean Digital Summit and moves to Lisbon, Portugal. Save the date: 18-19 October 2018!

Stay tuned: the program will be announced in Spring

Discover the presentation slides from the Lean IT Summit 2017 here and videos there.

Why join the Lean Digital Summit?

Lean Digital Summit 2018 –  Lean Thinking for the Digital Era

  • Disruptive changes and innovation are everywhere: in technology, business model, usage.
  • Most markets are aggressively attacked by very agile emerging competitors.
  • Customers and employees have high expectations in terms of user experience or motivating working context.

For traditional organizations, the challenge is threefold:

  • develop agility to quickly adapt to a world of constant and rapid changes,
  • focus on customer experience to guarantee client loyalty in saturated markets,
  • create a working context that fosters employees’ engagement.

Lean Thinking is the solution to implement strategic principles required by the advent of digital: agility, customer experience and employees engagement. The Lean Digital Summit will showcase the best examples of adaptation to that new context through 3 angles:

  • the customer/ the product
  • how to make it
  • the management way to achieve this. Because this is all about management!


Every year, the Lean Digital Summit – AKA Lean IT Summit – brings the Lean IT community together to share ideas, exchange and create knowledge

Videos of the previous editions

The videos from the previous Summits are online! Click here to watch them.

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The conference

The Lean Digital Summit is an initiative of the Lean Academy Portugal, Institut Lean France and the Lean Global Network. Read about the organizers.

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